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Andy Weir interview


You started to publish your novel ,,The Martian” on Amazon in 2012. Two years later your novel won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Science Fiction. What does it mean to you to get such a feedback from your readers?
It’s awesome! I feel great to have that honor.

What does a man, like Mark Watney, who gets left behind alone on Mars but does not give up hope, look like?
Mark is based on my own personality. Though he’s smarter and braver than I am and he doesn’t have my flaws. I guess he’s what I wish I were like.

Many scenes of ,,The Martian” movie were shot in Hungary. Have you seen any footages from the shooting?
I didn’t get to see any of the dailies. I wasn’t a big part of the film production.


You don’t like flying. Isn’t it a contradiction that you are interested in manned spaceflight? J If NASA were to ever accomplish the ARES program, would you apply for such a journey? J
I have general anxiety problems, but I’m getting better at it with therapy and meds. But I would never go to space. I write about brave people, I’m not one of them.

On 11th April 2016 you will receive the Douglas S.Morrow Public Outreach Award. How does it feel to receive it?
It’s fantastic! I’m very excited.

What will your next novel be about?
I'm working on my next book now. It’s about a city on the Moon. It’s another hard sci-fi novel where everything is accurate to real-world physics. I hope to have it out by mid 2017.

You have taken part in making of the „Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness” video game. What was your role in it? What are the biggest challenges in making video games?
I was one of the software engineers on the project. My main job was to write the installer, but we all ended up working on the game codebase as well. The biggest challenge to video game programming is the company culture that tends to surround it. So many programmers want to get into game programming, it drives the income down. The hours are long and the work is grueling.

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